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About Us

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: The Nottoway County Public Library System provides all residents, at no cost, the resources for accessing accurate information and the means for continual personal growth and prosperity.

Vision Statement: The Nottoway County Public Library System will be the vital agency for residents seeking to improve their lives by acquiring the needed skills and elements to realize personal goals and the enhancement of their lives.

Nottoway County Library System Five-Year Plan

The regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees shall be held on the third Wednesday of each month with the exception of July. The meeting will take place at ten-thirty a.m. according to the following schedule unless otherwise designated by the Chairman.

January: Crewe (HQ Library)
February: Crewe (HQ Library)
March: Blackstone Library
April: Crewe (HQ Library)
May: Crewe (HQ Library)
June: Burkeville Library
July: no meeting
August: Crewe (HQ Library)
September: Blackstone Library
October: Crewe (HQ Library)
November: Crewe (HQ Library)
December: Burkeville Library

Our Locations