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Policies - Nottoway County Public Library System

Getting a Nottoway County Public Library Card

Everyone is welcome to use the services of the Nottoway County Public Library on library property. Apply for a card here.
All residents, nonresident property owners, students, and employees of Nottoway County of all ages are granted full use of all services of The Nottoway County Public Library.
Non-residents may be granted library privileges by the Administration and may receive a card upon paying a fee of $3.
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Borrowing of Materials: Nottoway County Public Library System

Library borrowing privileges shall be granted to any individual who qualifies and makes proper application for such privileges. Library patrons are asked to present their library card each time materials are borrowed from the Library.
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Rules of Conduct for Library Users: Nottoway County Public Library System

It is a responsibility of the library staff to maintain library environments in a pleasant manner for as many people as possible. In doing so, the library staff should not ignore a patron whose behavior disturbs others. Likewise, it is equally important that the library staff be tolerant of a patron who behaves unusually, but who does not disturb others.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy: Nottoway County Public Library System

Providing Internet access, as an information resource is a logical continuation of the Library's roles of formal education support and reference service. The Internet enables the library to provide information and commentary from around the globe to users who may not otherwise have access to this resource. Print and Read More - Internet Use

Nottoway County Library System Five-Year Plan

2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: The Nottoway County Public Library System provides all residents at no cost the resources for accessing accurate information, and the means for continual personal growth and prosperity.

Vision Statement: The Nottoway County Public Library System will be the vital agency for residents seeking to improve their lives by acquiring the needed skills and elements to realize personal goals and the enhancement of their lives.



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