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The Nottoway County Literacy Program provides free, confidential, one-on-one tutoring in the areas of literacy, GED preparation, English as a Second Language (ESOL), Technology, Math, and Career Building.  Thanks to a partnership with the Frank Sarris Public Library, we are also able to offer access to Universal Class, a resource that offers hundreds of free, online continuing education courses. Please contact Jackie Zataweski to sign up for a Sarris Library card for access. Phone: (434) 645-9594 

We believe that literacy is the key and our mission is, "Promote and foster literacy in Nottoway County through, but not limited to, the volunteer teaching of, and, serving as an aid to, low literacy adults and those for whom English is not their native language". The Nottoway County Literacy Project offers adults (age 18 and over) assistance in improving their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Individual tutoring is available, and the service is confidential and free of charge.

A tutor certification program is available for those wishing to participate in the project's worthwhile mission.

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Articles - Health, Financial, and Computer

Health Literacy

Joint Pain.pdf

Mediterranean Diet Now For Better Health.pdf

How To Beat Sugar Addiction.pdf


Financial Literacy


Financial Literacy Program.pdf



Computer Literacy


Computer Literacy.pdf



Civil and Social Literacy


Civil And Social Literacy.pdf



Work Force


Work Force Literacy.pdf





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