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library cardNottoway County Public Libraries                

1.1 Residents 5/19/2010

All residents, property owners, students, and employees of Nottoway County of all ages are granted full use of all services for the Nottoway County Public Library.

1.2 Nonresidents 5/19/2010

Everyone is welcome to use the services of the Nottoway County Public Library on library property. The Administration reserves the right to determine if nonresidents not covered by 1.1 may be granted extended privileges.

1.3 Institutions 5/19/2010

Administration reserves the right to grant institutions library privileges, including borrowing privileges with the assurance that the Institution follows all regulations that pertain to individuals.

1.4 Governments 5/19/2010

The Nottoway County Public Library serves as an informational agency to the Nottoway County government and to local town governments within the county’s borders. Service will be rendered to all agencies of these governments.

1.7.1 Replacement of Library Cards 5/19/2010

A replacement library card for a card being lost by a patron or for any other reason that is not deemed to be beyond the control of the patron such as being naturally worn and thus no longer usable, will be charged to the proper patron account at a rate of $1.00 for the first replacement; $2.00 for the second replacement; and $3.00 for the third replacement; thereafter each replacement will cost $5.00.


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